Belgian Premium Quality Hops only

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Buxbeer stands for a series of premium quality beers using exlusively the best Belgian hops. Throughout the year Dieter Van Biervliet (Left) the owner and master brewer of Buxbeer maintains close contact with his hop growers. This ensures that to their mutual benefit the hop quality evolution can be monitored and new ideas about the various flavours and aromas of hop varieties are exchanged.

The Hop Plant

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The Hop plant (Humulus Lupulus) is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The maritime climate of West Flanders, Belgium and the fertile sandy loam around the cities of Poperinge and Mesen are ideal to let hop varieties grow abundantly. The lupulin contained in the cones give the beer its bitterness, delicate aroma and natural preservation qualities.

Growing Season


Early spring the young hop plants are wound manually around wires in clockwise direction and later secured to an elaborate network of posts and poles. The hop plant will grow on average 10 centimetres a day until it reaches a height of 7 meters by July.



During the summer months the laterals of the hop vines and cones come to full growth. In Belgium, not later than the first half of September the female hop cones have matured and are ready to harvest.


The harvesting process starts by cutting the vines from the top by mobile harvesters.



After being collected the hop vines are moved into a stripping machine where the hop cones are separated from the the plant and sorted.

Drying and cooling


Being separated and undone from debris the hop cones are dried and piled on a cooling floor. Doing so maintains the essential oils and preserves the delicate aromas. Dieter Van Biervliet is thoroughly tasting with his hop farmer in order to make the final selection of the hops to be used for the new brewing season.